1 Challenge 1

A simple and powerful tool with “excel like” cell editing is required to plan tasks and resources, check the progress, estimate deadlines, and, as result, meet the deadlines, and analyze a project’s release. Tasks rendering and user interactions should be smooth ensuring effective communication between the agile team members. 

Example of a project's Gantt Chart

1 Solution 1

A classical tool for Project planning, similar to the Gantt Chart, has been developed. As a result, a user can create a classical Gantt chart, add items, edit them, set the deadlines, check the information, and react immediately to unforeseen circumstances by changing the schedule. The functionality helps assess project duration, required resources, and order of tasks that should be completed.

2 Challenge 2

The tool is needed to visualize the overall risk factors for a given project so that a user could estimate the risks accompanying the project, identify and classify risks in order to recognize their most significant qualitative and quantitative characteristics, the probability of occurrence, the amount of potential damage, the place of occurrence and their impact and consequences.

Example of risk planning tool

2 Solution 2

The customized plugin Program Risk Quadrant has been developed, which data is plotted onto an interactive canvas with the ability to move risks (dots) across different areas, their dynamical changes, and check information on entities when clicking on the corresponding dot. Except for the selectable “Inherent Risk” section, the tool will also have “Residual Risk” that will be dynamic as well. 

3 Challenge 3

A user-friendly way to create and edit budgets like in excel is required. It should provide the possibility to estimate, analyze, and plan the budget according to the available resources and deadline dates. 

Budget editor allows managing budgets

3 Solution 3

Budget Editor that helps managers to plan and manage project budgets effortlessly has been developed. The functionality similar to excel has been developed allowing to show the table with the possibility to add, edit, and delete amounts of money according to the calendar (financial or not), make charts and diagrams according to data, create reports. The integration of Budget Editor into Zeno.PM provides an opportunity not only to monitor specific budgets but estimate it as a whole throughout the project due to the “Baseline”, “Forecast”, “Consumed”, “Change” options. 

4 Challenge 4

The idea is to have a task tracker to monitor events inside the project and, as a result, to have a possibility to manage risks, actions, issues, and dependencies across the project. 

Although, Kanban boards functionality does exist in Zeno.PM, it needs a major redesign to make it more functional. The main idea is to review the latest tendencies and build Zeno’s Kanban boards in accordance with them. 

Example of Kanban Board integrated into the tool

4 Solution 4

Taking cards requirement as a turning point, the functionality of the new Kanban boards was created of this idea. The user can start sprints (each sprint is a separate KANBAN board), add carts with a possibility to give descriptions, people to cards, labels, etc. The tasks on cards can be assigned to a specific team member or be a part of the board. Each card matches to action, issue, risk, or dependency and changes in any area reflect on the other areas. In this way, team members can organize their projects visually. With the help of SignalR, the information according to the items changes across the whole project.

5 Challenge 5

Discussing future projects frequently results in a plethora of comments. The idea is to give a possibility to discuss (and store the discussion), overview, add attachments, and then to transform an idea into a project without the need to replace all the stored info.

Pipeline ideas management dashboard

5 Solution 5

Pipeline/Ideas Management system has been created to check and process ideas from employees by grouping and estimating them. Such an option allows putting ideas together to take advantage of them in the future. 

6 Challenge 6

The resource planning instruments that exist in Zeno.PM don’t allow creating reports and cover all the areas of project management. A manager isn’t able to see the complete picture of available resources. The resource planning itself has no possibility to apply certain filters to get the information a manager is interested in. 

Table for resource management reflects workers' availability

6 Solution 6

A custom interactive Resource Management Table where the project(s) resources with all the related information are displayed has been developed. This tool allows keeping track of time resources and team workload/availability accordingly, setting up a day plan to team members depending on the number of tasks or existing budget. 

7 Challenge 7

The messaging capability should exist in Zeno.PM to allow chatting with team members in real-time, guaranteeing a productive communication and collaboration within the team. 

Example of messenger integration into a PPM tool

7 Solution 7

The main functionality of the messenger created for Zeno.PM is to have a possibility to send real-time messages. Like in any standard messenger, a user can have chat, create groups, share files, etc. to stay connected inside the projects.

8 Challenge 8

An instrument that will help users get a better understanding of how Zeno.PM works is required. 

A chatbot that helps better understand the functionality of the PPM tool

8 Solution 8

A chatbot has been developed. At the moment, it is available on the home page (in an unobtrusive way). With the help of Watson’s functionality, a user can see the hints across the page that enhances the User Experience allowing every employee sorting out Zeno.PM functionality quicker. In the future, a dialog window will be created to add a possibility to ask questions. 

9 Result

Jellyfish.tech is constantly adding new features to the PPM tool (that already has more than 1,000 licenses) to meet the fast-changing demands of end-users. Collaborating with the customer team of project and portfolio managers, we improve the tool to reach the main objective: offer a PPM application that contains all the necessary tools for effective project management.


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