As a response, we created a custom tool to manage multiple budgets in numerous areas of activity. The specific functionality of the tool that mainly focuses on financial resources allows monitoring all the financial processes with the utmost accuracy and speed.

1. The dashboard “Portfolio view” divides investment according to the areas of activity.

2. The dashboard “Portfolio timeline” allows a manager to track a project’s investment quarterly with due regard to its status and tasks (active, completed, and planned).

3. A user-friendly reporting system allows downloading reports in different formats with specific sections.

4. The typical admin functionality to manage people, permissions, projects.

5. Customization of the interface according to the organization’s needs.


The game-changing project ensures effective governance, reporting, and engagement, gives you control over which data you want to see, and when to have the best outcome. The tool allows you to quickly identify and target where to monitor, measure, and manage key aspects of the financial processes and realize benefits faster.


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