1 Challenge

Absence of the projects division according to the areas of company’s activity, as well as of a smart hierarchical system, increase the time a manager needs to find the project and/or move between several of them. 

Financial dashboard with current projects

1 Solution

The dashboard Portfolio View, dividing investment according to the areas of activity, has been developed to include the financial information concerning all the projects in the specific area of activity. 

The possibility to create numerous boards involving the projects from different industries the company works in has been included in the tool functionality. 

The board is designed in the form of a pie chart with the active parts–projects’ names, clicking on which a manager gets additional information concerning each of the projects. 

The hierarchy Board (industry) → Project → Tasks has been developed so that a user could quickly find the required data. 


2 Challenge

Effective projects financial management is impossible without assessing the complete picture of a particular project.

Portfolio Timeline dashboard enables users to see a project in detail

2 Solution

Portfolio Timeline dashboard allows a manager to track a project’s investment quarterly with due regard to its status and tasks (active, completed, and planned).

3 Challenge

An easy way to generate different kinds of reports according to the selected data is required. 

Financial reporting system

3 Solution

The user-friendly Reporting System that allows downloading reports in different formats with specific sections has been developed. A user might get the metrics on every board/ project by selecting it in the appropriate tab and clicking on the “Generate” button. 

Except for the general reports, two supplementary report types have been developed:

  • A Summary Report gives a high-level overview of the state of each task in a project.
  • A Historical Report shows how a specific task metrics have changed over a period of time.

In addition, “Report Archive” functionality allows keeping a weekly archive of reports related to your project.

4 Challenge

The function of filtering the data according to the statuses is required to simplify the process of financial resources monitoring. 

Financial dashboard with current projects

4 Solution

Three major Project Statuses have been made available: 

  • Stop/intervene (a project is stopped or put on hold for the reason of low profitability);
  • Monitor (a project is in the process of development, thus, is not profitable yet);
  • On track (an ongoing project that generates profit);

The system of smart filters on above-mentioned statuses plus “View all” filter have been developed. 

Two additional filters “Pre Revenue” that reflects the expected income and “Post Revenue” that incorporates the actual project’s income have been created to help the user easily see the data.

5 Challenge

The typical admin functionality is required to manage projects and people.

Admin board helps a user manage the tool

5 Solution

Having dug through the best examples of Admin Dashboards, the simple way of handling financial resources and managers has been developed including the following possibilities to:

  • add employees whether by filling in the required fields to add one user or by exporting template-based Excel or CSV file to add multiple users;
  • manage users granting them different access levels, view their profiles, last activity, etc.

6 Challenge

Absence of the distinguishing features of numerous boards and projects impedes the user’s perception.

Financial boards customization

6 Solution

The option to customize the boards, projects and titles has been provided. 

7 Result

A customized finance management tool for outcome-focused companies has been developed from scratch taking into account particular requirements and specific features of such organizations. This game-changing project ensuring effective governance, reporting, and engagement, gives you control over which data you want to see, and when to have the best outcome.

The tool allows you to quickly identify and target where to monitor, measure, and manage key aspects of the financial processes and realize benefits faster.


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8 Team

Frontend Developer:

Aleksei Kaida

Backend Developer:

Aleksei Voronov


Evhenii Husiev