We actually built an output table with the possibility to test different scientific models and visualize the results. The dashboard is responsible for the validation of scientific models against experimental data. It helps understand how accurate the model is using the Python framework SciUnit and the extensible NeuronUnit library for neuron testing.


1. Test scores;

2. Models dashboard with the following model features:

  • name;
  • source URL;
  • class;
  • instance;
  • tags. 

3. A dashboard to run scientific tests;

4. Suite scores;

5. Tests scheduling.


SciDash aims to make validation of computational scientific models against experimental data easy, transparent, and continuously integrated into the model development process.” The non-profit project is of practical use for university professors who work on reproducible execution and visualization of data-driven unit tests for assessing model quality. It is a 21st-century vision of the scientific method.

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