1 Challenge

SEOs daily miss their potential customers by relying on outdated marketing techniques. Such approaches take time and effort that can be saved if the process is automated. It also leads to losses in conversion rates. 

2 Solution

Problem. For effective keywords scraping, it’s required to find a smart way to pass automatic security checks.

Solution. A smart system to avoid captcha by using proxies has been implemented that helps a campaign runner increase its efficiency. 

Problem. An instrument is needed to create and choose campaign templates with multiple options: location, search engines, quantity, and type of URLs to launch more relevant and well-targeted campaigns.   

Solution. A designed tool helps you pick one of the existing templates to create a campaign for scraping keywords, choose а region of the campaign, set percentage between search engines, choose how many URLs you want to scrap from and what URLs exactly. A possibility to set the required parameters makes the keywords scraping more accurate, thus, effective, and decreases the percentage of wrong URLs in the report. 

Problem. The idea is to automate as many processes as possible to save the time of a campaign’s manager. So, it is necessary to develop a tool to set up any number of searches between URLs automatically. 

Solution. A smart “Randomize” button has been created to differently spread the desired number of searches between chosen URLs for each search engine. As a result, the completely automated processes significantly reduce the time that should be spent on a campaign running. 

Problem. An option to automate the campaign’s price setting and frequency are required. 

Solution. Tool’s functionality includes the possibility to set the required bid for the campaign and run it monthly or one time to reduce the need for manual campaign management. 

Problem. For better user experience, this tool should allow being used not separately but in cooperation with a task setting service. Therefore, its integration with such a service is needed. 

Solution. The tool has been integrated with one of the popular intelligent tasks services using API built by the Jellyfish.tech team.

3 Result

Using this smart tool, you’re able to do routine SEO tasks easier. It allows users to create and automate recurring/one time search & click campaigns in minutes saving them plenty of time. The tool provides users with the complete control since it has built-in scraper and calculators.

4 Team

Lead App Developer:

Roman Latyshenko


Artem Karchevskiy

Lera Mashiro