1 Challenge

An effective tool for running and managing network analytics tasks that help monitor network performance is required. It should provide an opportunity to run tasks automatically according to the programmed schedule.

Network management is easy

1 Solution

Scheduled monitoring tasks are easy to run to provide long-term insights into the performance of the network, such as baselines vs. anomalies and trend extrapolation to predict upcoming overloads. The automated scheduling system makes the tasks run smoothly without the necessity to set them up each time again. 

2 Challenge

A tool to check the status of a network device with specific configuration settings should be developed.

Network analysis instrument

2 Solution

Diagnostic tools such as PING and traceroute with a “Source”, “Target”, “Instrument”, “Start date/ time”, “Stop date/ time”, “Interval” settings give the total visibility from all the network’s sites to all the network’s core information systems.

3 Challenge

A reliable tool is required to provide a deep network performance inspection and test the amount of data moving across the network before affecting its performance to prevent network falls. 

Performance tool for network management

3 Solution

Performance tools iPerf and Speedtest have been developed to make it easy to generate traffic between selected points of the network to see how it will cope with such volumes, and how much traffic the bottleneck can actually handle before seriously affecting performance or actually breaking down.

4 Challenge

To monitor the status of the tasks and clearly track the results of work, a specific system should be invented. 


Network analysis dashboard for network management

4 Solution

For this purpose, a special tool called LED-Master with its own combination of LED lamps colors for every status of a task has been developed. Such a function helps users easily track results of the Units work.

5 Result

 The bigger the company is, the harder is to track how stable the network is, measure its throughput, and get a general understanding of how the network is performing. 

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