We developed an application, which helps find out what’s going on inside the network by running the diagnostic tasks with the following features:

1. Automated Scheduled Tasks for providing long-term insights into the performance of the network, such as baselines vs. anomalies and trend extrapolation to predict upcoming overloads.

2. Diagnostic tools such as PING and traceroute settings give the total visibility from all the network’s sites to all the network’s core information systems.

3. Performance tools (iPerf and Speedtest) to generate traffic between selected points of the network and see how it will cope with such volumes.

4. LED-Master with its own combination of LED lamp colors for every status of a task to monitor the status of the tasks and clearly track the results of work. 


This platform is a real helper for the network companies and big data centers in analyzing and diagnosing their networks and customer routers to increase the productivity of their work.


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