The customer hired our company back in 2016 to create the Gantt Chart functionality. We both felt great working together, so we became technical partners. 

Now, we’re working on adding new features, improving the old ones, and migrating the application parts from pure JavaScript to Angular 9. 


1. Home Dashboard with a comprehensive overview of current projects and their stakeholders, budget, status, and dates; items (issues, risks, dependencies, wbs, actions); all boards, their statuses, progress, and due dates.

2. Admin Portal to adjust the application settings according to the organization’s needs. 

3. Gantt Chart, a classical tool for project planning.

4. Program risk quadrant.

5. Budget editor to plan and manage project budgets effortlessly.

6. Kanban board.

7. Pipeline ideas management system.

8. Resource management system to manage the availability of each person involved in a project.

9. In-built messaging and chatbot to guide users through the application.


Using Angular 9 and Angular Material to create consistent and beautiful user interface components (navigation, data tables, buttons, etc.), we are building a simple and friendly working environment. The idea to collect the information about projects, their statuses, progress, items, boards, etc. and management tools in one place isn’t new but the larger application is, the harder it is to keep it simple. Now, the team is focused on constantly improving the usability of the application, bringing together the set of tools for a specific purpose on one screen for better management.

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3 Frontend Developers 2 Backend Developers Quality Assurance

Project Manager

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