API Development

API Development


Ensures synchronization of web & mobile apps data

API creation is a comprehensive solution for further web and mobile applications development. The Jellyfish.tech team can create a central server for a website and mobile app if it interacts (both reads and sends the data) or is going to interact with the website. In this way, the service of API creation is a win-win solution to both web and mobile development.


Builds a strong ecosystem of the future app

Use of API guarantees painless implementation of new elements into an app without affecting the others that allows getting a scalable application effortlessly.


Reduces the price for further app support

One of the good reasons to order API development right away instead of creating web and mobile app step by step is economies of scale, as it ensures great cost & time reduction for client’s idea implementation across all platforms, a creation of an integrated system and its support. Moreover, the Auto Documentation feature available owing to the use of REST API standards allows every developer to work with app equally efficiently. This makes the creation of partner services with client’s app easier.