Include data encryption

Those for whom security of the transmitted data is a top priority can benefit from a quick and effective solution provided by our team: development of a secure chat with data encryption. Such types of chats guarantee the privacy of the data transmitted, as for our devs the client’s security always comes first. The creation of chats with strong data encryption, provided by our team, is an excellent option for corporate messengers


Are customized

The team is able to bring any client ideas to life, creating a functional product that meets the needs of a specific business and product teams. Among the unlimited number of functions that we may integrate into messengers can be group calls, micro-crowdfunding (fundraising in the group chat), multitasking, dialogues personalization, PPT system, and many others: chat/messenger functionality depends only on client’s requirements and wishes.


Developed quickly and professionally

The speed of development obviously does matter, as it is one of the main competitive advantages in the market. Hence, if you need a multifunctional chat or messenger developed in the shortest terms, our team will be happy to provide you an opportunity to be a step ahead of your competitors.