HTML and JavaScript technologies’ combination ensures SEO friendliness, faster web-page load, and code reusability

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for any online business, as it is an effective way to boost traffic, therefore, a faster rendering speed that reduces page load is a great advantage in comparison with competitors. Moreover, the React’s code reusability allows allocating less time and money on the process of web developing and building bigger teams.


Minimum update time provides higher performance and a cleaner user experience

React is not a full-fledged framework, but a library that creates a web-page representation in the virtual memory to perform the updates before sending the data into a browser. Above all, it creates a data structure in memory to duplicate the existing DOM, thus, the virtual Document Object Model is one of the reasons why React takes its place among the best technologies for scalable and fast apps creation, as it does not use the code-heavy frameworks.


Is successfully used by such giants as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Whatsapp, Uber, CNN

The large-scale companies were quick to have their eye on React for the reason of its simplicity. Time has shown that the right choice was made: independently deployable components, agile applications, high performance, and predictable flow are only the major React benefits. If you want to learn from the experience of top companies, React technology is a perfect option that will transform user experience dramatically.