1 Challenge

Site users should be provided with the basic knowledge of how Ethereum casino works. It means that a kind of online encyclopedia should be set up on the site to satisfy users’ curiosity. 

Wiki functionality enables user to get the required info without leaving the site

1 Solution

Functionality, similar to Wikipedia, has been rewritten “from zero” using the latest version of Django and Django-markdown-editor. During the game, “Smart contract details button forwards user to the Wiki entry, as well as “Ethereum” button. A search on the wiki by analogy with Wikipedia has been implemented with a search box on every page. The search box will navigate a user directly to the page upon the exact match. Thus, users may clarify any game-related questions without living the client’s site. 

2 Challenge

The main objective is to make the existing users promote our platform. For this purpose, a referral program may be an option. Users should have an ability to receive their unique referral link to the already created game in order to share it with their followers/friends, thus, receive a % of Negative tokens based on the number of bets those players make for the platform promotion. The user who’s followed the referral link should receive the same bonus as well. 

Game based on Ethereum smart contracts

2 Solution

Referral System with the ability to invite friends/ followers into the game by sharing the link and getting a % has been developed. Referral information (Ethereum wallet) has been coded into a smart contract. This means that besides all the necessary data that player submits to the smart contract during his bet, this referral address should be submitted also.

3 Challenge

A simple multi-party lottery-style game should be developed, where a winner is determined by the size of his bet and win the whole jackpot amount. A real-time feed of data from blockchain should have animated feedback. Wheel’s sectors should be visually divided by size and color related to each player by bet amount and wallet address. During the round, the wheel should slowly continuously spin and adjust its sectors based on newly created bets in real-time. After a random number is generated, it should appear as the force of the spin, spinning the wheel, slowing down and selecting a winner.

Game based on Ethereum smart contracts

3 Solution

The lottery game has been developed according to the requirements. The real-time feed of data can be accessed via API provided by Solidity developer. The process of calculating a spin force and selecting a winner is done on the blockchain in the smart contract and is visually displayed to the user by reading the results from the smart contract in real-time. Mainnet/Testnet switch describes on which version of blockchain a player wishes to make a bet. The backend of this function is handled by API provided by Solidity developer. Moreover, Ethereum node status (also stop, start, restart functions) was created. As a result, a well-thought multi-party lottery game was developed with a smart and user-friendly design. 

4 Challenge

A user-friendly admin dashboard is needed to control the website and monitor users’ actions.

Admin Board of the first Ethereum-based casion

4 Solution

The Admin Panel with the following functionality has been implemented:

  • Configurable backup option (manual, auto)
  • Possibility for a user to add/ edit wiki information
  • All logs that are displayed in the admin panel (Django, database, Ethereum node, nginx, etc)
  • Statistics (Number of plays for each game, referred players for each game, our profit from each game, etc.) are displayed both in the admin panel and tab near the user’s referral statistics

5 Result

Working with Solidity/backend developer, designer, and animation developer, a simple and modern crypto casino, which can be considered as the first Ethereum gaming platform, has been created from scratch. The platform shows new promising opportunities for gambling, provides the possibility for users to test their luck and earn money, creates a feeling of courage and euphoria, and, of course, reveals the feeling of the adrenaline-endorphin cocktail brought by victory without departing from their gadgets.



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6 Team

Frontend Developer:

Eric Poul

Backend Developer:

Aleksey Voronov


Eugene Forostenko


Victoriia Kulynych