How We Work

Agile approach has transformed the way your projects are turned into reality.

With the ability to create and respond to the changes immediately, Agile development is based on numerous iterations, at the end of which you get tangible value. helps you make the most of the best Agile practices using a flexible Agile framework ➡️ Scrum.

Agile is all about people. We’ve brought the best of them together to create a superb product for you. Here is how we do it:


The stage where a customer and agency should become one team to explore the industry & understand what the user really wants. 

The more data we collect, the better solution to user’s pain points we could find.

Kseniia (CEO) and Roman (CTO) guide you through the product discovery stage getting a shared vision of the product concept. 

Product Discovery

More than 7 years in Agile, Kseniia takes care of transforming your idea into the real user stories, shaping the backlog. Her specialization is being a product owner and a loyal advocate always focused on maximizing its value due to comprehensive research, we conduct in-house through close collaboration with a customer:

  • Competitors’ research;
  • Market research;
  • Customer development interview;
  • Creation of the shared product vision.

Moving from the idea to the ways of its implementation, we develop the product backlog based on the product vision discussed with the customer.

An ongoing dialogue between you and the team is not the only success factor for shaping the backlog and creating the project roadmap. The holistic approach of includes investigating, collecting, and governing:

➡️ Business processes:

  • requirements
  • objectives
  • project success metrics (cases) 

➡️ Stakeholders’ requirements:

  • processes
  • actions
  • practical use

➡️ Solution architecture:

  • interface
  • usability
  • implementation & maintenance

➡️Transition phase:

  • data migration
  • instructions
  • education workshops


A comprehensive plan of product development resulted from the estimation, application architecture, and the most proper ways of project implementation are on Roman, a software architect with 9+ years of experience.

What you get: user epics & user stories, project roadmap.


We build the right team for you based on a stack of technologies picked up according to the project’s unique features.

What you get: a dedicated team with relevant expertise to work on your project.


Based on the information we collect on the product discovery stage, a product owner proceeds to shaping a product backlog. At this stage, (s)he cooperates with both stakeholders and the team.

Sprint Planning

The team decides on which tasks from the product backlog to take into a sprint backlog.


Implementation of the features chosen for development, QA, and code review made simultaneously. Such an Agile approach is intended to gain a competitive edge, allowing stakeholders and the team to adapt quickly to ever-changing market requirements.

Except for a QA during the development of the features, the final product testing is done each time before the demo release.  


The customer gets a usable portion of a product within a specified time period (from 1 to 3 weeks recommended). Even if it is only the parts of code from the back-end, we will still find a way to showcase the work of the team and give you a tangible result. 

Besides, demo motivates the team to give 100% to their job during the sprint that can’t help increasing the overall productivity and work performance. 


A team meeting after each sprint to identify, discuss, & improve the working processes, increasing, in such a way, the product quality.


We feel responsible for the product we create during the whole life cycle. So, the team is ready to support the product after the release: add a new feature, make changes, or create a feed if required.

Alternatively, we could discover new ways of getting value from an old application by modernizing the system.

Among the cost-effective custom solutions for your business, we offer:

  • Technical audit
  • Project migration
  • Re-platforming
  • Reengineering

Our IT consultants help you understand which way will work out for your product (and whether you need it at all), choosing the best approach to the implementation.