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Lisa Plitnichenko, Marketing Manager Listed on Good Firms as a Top Software Development Company Develops Win-Win Solution by Blending Transparency With Peerless Industry Experience


Today is a great day: our partners, GoodFirms surprised us with the recognition of our custom software development expertise! This is how they describe our company: is a customer-centric company helping businesses to develop applications with high-scale performance. Their highly productive modules and astounding results offered to the previous customers have imprinted our name on the list of best software developers on GoodFirms. Have a look at the GoodFirms’ profile of to know more about the company. profile on GoodFirms

A Brief Idea About

Located in Ukraine, one of the main outsourcing destinations of Eastern Europe, is a company offering IT consulting services for customers who want to convert their big ideas into reality. The company operates with its vision to deliver the best tech solutions for clients looking forward to transforming their business.

Their company is utilizing its potential in technology and thrives on bringing value to businesses. They specialize in offering services such as Python, Django, Angular, React, React Native, and PostgreSQL, along with guiding clients through each stage of product development starting from product discovery, backlog shaping, & roadmap creation to product maintenance after launch. The firm uses highly productive modules that facilitate shaping business with its commendable work and agile structure of working to deliver timely results. specializes in the following technologies:

Python Development

Python is an object-oriented popular programming language that helps create mobile and web applications with dynamic semantics that makes it attractive for developers to develop applications. Additionally, Python is an easy language that is understood well by developers. The programs can be designed in modular style because the language supports the uses of modules and packages that can be reused in a variety of projects. Once a module is developed, it is easy to import and export them. From facilitating data to managing vast customers without squandering a lot of money, the firm assures to serve its clients with suitable services.

The company is soon expected to rank in the top Python developers at GoodFirms because of its unrivaled services in this field.

Django Development For Clean and Pragmatic Design

Choosing the right technology simplifies work for developers and leads to out-of-the-box results. Django is a framework used for the development of a website securely allowing developers to focus on website components that already exist rather than focusing on a new one. While taking care of the hassle involved in web development, this software is considered best for developing a data-driven website. Django does a commendable work with a high level of scalability and security by additionally protecting applications from clickjacking, SQL, XSS (cross-site scripting), and other attacks.

A python-based framework Django requires a few code lines and the best option to deploy apps. provides best-in-class Django development services. The team of efficient Django programmers at the firm offers the best coding standards. These reasons will soon lead the firm in the list of top Django development companies at GoodFirms.

Angular & React as Main Frontend Technologies team is highly capable of building the frontend applying both “hype” technologies equally well. They don’t choose the right frontend tool proceeding from popularity or personal favor but determine which technology will be the best fit for the product based on the customer specifications, requirements, and expectations.

Check the article where they boost the myth of the battle between Angular and React.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B Research and Reviews Company that helps in finding Software Development firms rendering the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

The search for a partner is made simple because to rank in the list; companies have to pass through an evaluation process before getting registered. After that, a team of researchers examines companies on their Quality, Reliability, and Ability; they earn labels accordingly on the website. GoodFirms found has been doing an appreciable work in offering tech solutions to companies. ensures high scalability in software development with its highly productive module. The firm is performing well in the field of creating client-oriented web and mobile development where it offers a win-win situation for cross-platform development.

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