Network Monitoring Software: Valuable Insights into Your Network

Lisa Plitnichenko, Marketing Manager

Network Monitoring Tool Maintains Network Health

Are you aware of how stable your network is? How do you measure its stability? Have you a clear idea of its performance?

If you do not consider these questions as a top priority coming to work, maybe, you need somebody to tell you how important is to monitor the network performance 24/7. That is why let start from the very beginning by figuring out what network analysis is and why is it crucial for certain types of enterprises. To explain this in simple terms (let’s be honest, nobody likes nerds), we will answer 4 Ws and 2 H right here right now so that no questions are left unanswered. 


Why Monitor Network Traffic?

The main objective of network traffic monitoring is to find out how does your site cope with high loads.

However, you should bear in mind that the concept of a high load is relative, as both small sites with a rapidly increased number of visitors and large-scale ones may easily get into the high load system group. All sites are specific, thus, an equal number of requests may have a different impact on the network resources. That is why it’s crucial to capture the moment when a regular project ends and starts a high load one.

Highload definition

What is a high load?

Permanent control over your network performance is required at least for maintaining it in working order, not to mention an efficient and timely response to a growing server load. Disregarding the site’s type and function, making a habit of a permanent system diagnostic is a must-do for every site owner, even if the naked eye can’t notice any problems in network performance (as it happens in most cases). For the time being, your system may be just fine, however, a flow of visitors may increase, and the following symptoms may arise:

  • Slow or endless pages load;
  • Random errors;
  • Disconnect from web-server;
  • Part load of page’s content;
  • Decline in visitors’ activity.

These are the major indicators predicting the network falls, therefore, even one of them should become a wake-up call for a network specialist or site owner if the first is absent. There is a little chance somebody will become a loyal visitor/ customer of a slow loading website where he/ she can only interact with a part of the content.

What is the solution?

You will be probably surprised but almost every problem related to transmission and reception of online data can be easily identified and fixed thanks to using different options of network monitor tools.

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    What Is a Network Analysis Tool?

    Network analysis software monitors all your devices to prevent the worst webmaster nightmare: network falls. It goes without saying that early diagnosis is the best thing you can do for your system and customers. With its help, you will be able to identify the problem areas quickly and efficiently based on a huge amount of statistical data, such as speed and reliability of data and packets transmission.

    This software helps support effective network data exchange, test firewalls, and IDS systems to create a stable and high performing network.

    However, you shouldn’t confuse network analysis software with network security tools, as they both analyze the network having different objectives. The first one is the strong diagnosis instrument, while the second is responsible for the security. Despite the differences, the well-built diagnosis system ensures the network stability, as a result, a stable system is always easier to protect as opposed to an unstable one. 

    Benefits of network management

    How Is the Process of Network Monitoring Carried Out? 

    This process is usually divided into two stages of monitoring and analysis. 

    Monitoring. At this stage, a simpler procedure of collecting raw data on network performance took place: statistics on the number of protocol packets, circulating the network, state of hubs and routers ports, etc.

    Analysis. The next stage incorporates complicated and intellectual processing of the information collected at the previous stage of data monitoring, comparing this data, and making suggestions concerning the reasons for unstable network performance or its slowdown.

    Where Network Monitoring Tools Are Used?

    A network analysis tools are particularly important when it comes to working with high-load servers such as banks, casinos, stock exchanges, transactions, etc., where every second of the network instability costs the platform thousands or even millions of dollars. Here are three of the largest industries to apply network analytics tools:

    Banking. The banking industry continues going through a digital transformation. New technologies such as advanced computer operating systems are becoming significant strategic areas for financial institutions. The banking system stability problem is a comprehensive one. Designing a network analysis tool with respect to the network structure characteristics might be a perfect solution for the banking system instability problem.

    Stock markets. On how consistent the stock network performance is, the success (or failure) of an investor depends. Moreover, a proper understanding of the network properties is definitely applicable in the real stock markets to reduce the risk of investment and predict the crisis. That is why a good instrument of network analysis with dynamic visualization, intuitive interface, and the possibility to run diagnosis tasks is required to predict the network instability.

    Casinos. As the gambling industry is moving online, new environments and high competitiveness require site owners to build an effective maintenance system. Properly chosen network performance monitoring tools are crucial for customer engagement that only a stable and healthy website may ensure.

    Network management tools: areas of use
    Network management tools: areas of use

    After all, even if your online business isn’t related to one of the mentioned-above areas, it doesn’t mean you could ignore the network analysis tools, as they will do a good job for every network disregarding its type and size helping identify the amount of traffic and contributing to system stability.

    What Network Management Tool Choose for Business? 

    Here is the list of questions to ask when picking up the right network management tool for your company:

    • What is your area of expertise?
    • How large your network is?
    • What are your expectations from the tool?
    • Are you more focused on visualization or the computation of metrics such as centrality, betweenness, etc.? Or maybe you want to have both? 
    • What is your budget?
    • Who will use this tool on an ongoing basis? 

    Only after having answered the above-mentioned questions, you will be able to pick up a proper tool for network analysis over the Internet. Nevertheless, according to our experience and the experience of our customers, it’s rather challenging to find the tool that will meet the requirements of your business in this way. To get all the functions you need, usually, you should benefit from multiple online network monitoring tools, that is definitely not the most convenient option. In addition, if you have no network analysis expert on your team, sorting out the functionality of each tool that you have to use may become one more challenge.

    That is why in some cases hiring someone to build a customized network analytic tool for your business is a good idea. 

    When a custom network management tool is needed
    Reasons to consider custom network management tool development

    How Helped a Customer Do Network Analysis

    Our web development team will be happy to share our experience in building network analytic tools with you. 

    The platform we’ve developed is a real helper for the network companies and big data centers in analyzing and diagnosing their networks and customer routers to increase the productivity of their work.

    At the core of this app are:

    • Scheduled tasks make it possible to run and manage network monitoring tasks that predict upcoming overloads automatically. 
    • Diagnostic tools help check the status of network devices having numerous functions. 
    • Performance tools provide insights into network performance by generating the traffic between two points of the network to find out how much of it bottleneck can actually deal with. 

    The customer came to us with a desktop app and the desire to turn it into the Django portal and extend its functionality

    Except for the mentioned-above functionality, sensors that determine the network availability have been developed from scratch and enhanced in the course of further work. These sensors have been integrated with Raspberry PI to indicate network performance and status.

    Moreover, a supplementary C++ program to interact with TiNC Works! has been developed, as the customer needed a customized solution to run a certain set of tests for his specific type of business. 

    The described functionality is only the example of a project we created from scratch, the strong expertise in building a network monitoring tools allows us to add any functions your business needs. 

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