Runs on all major operating systems

PostgreSQL offers a bunch of powerful tools for almost every major platform, thus, a client is welcome to choose his/her preferable one and pick up the platform-specific tools accordingly in addition to the basic tools that come with the package. Moreover, designed to be portable, this database creates brilliant possibilities for developing apps targeting multiple platforms.


User-defined functions can be written in different programming languages

This technology allows you to use different programming languages for custom functions developing, including Python, C/C++, Perl, TCL, Java, etc. that contributes to the product functionality extension and offers a plethora of possibilities. It allows to define own data types, build out custom functions & write code using different programming languages without recompiling a database.


Ensures a superiorly high development possibility as Open Source DBMS

This database system is highly programmable, thus, extendible. It means that our devs are able to customize PostgreSQL according to the specific requirements of every customer, thereby getting an individual product. Especially effective this technology is while developing large-scale applications. Moreover, due to being a really open-sourced project, it isn’t controlled by any corporation, hence, it can’t be easily bought. It means your investments in PostgreSQL will be 100% safe.