React Native

React Native


Is the best option for cross-platform mobile development

Mobile apps are crucial to both advertise one’s product or service and increase clients’ base. As native mobile applications design and development is, in most cases, a time-consuming process, more and more top businesses tend to choose the React Native technology, which includes cross-platform deployment. This technology provides high performing apps reducing the time for their development cycle and fastening deployment time.


Ensures an easy app optimization

As React Native takes the best from the Native JS and JavaScript, restarting an app after updating is not necessary, it is enough to simply refresh the viewing page to see the changes. This makes the working process easier and more effective. Moreover, intuitive and modular interface facilitates creating updates and upgrades not only for devs who directly worked on the project but for other development team’s members as well.


Building apps on both Android and iOS platforms is affordable even for a small budget

This technology was designed for cross-platform mobile development, reducing its cost drastically, as a developer can use the same database for both iOS and Android. Moreover, he is free to combine the ready-made solutions with the native code in order to customize the app to a particular platform. This option cuts the business expenses of the development, as well as saves dev’s time. In case if a customer strives to get a more specialized app, React Native offers a bunch of modules and specific file extensions targeting the particular platform.